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Frisco, Texas has an extensive disaster preparedness network, because the city realizes that severe weather like tornadoes and hail storms are common in Northern Texas. For the same reason, Kennedy Roofing of Texas offers storm damage roofing services for Frisco residents, including working with insurance claims. We have technicians proficient in all areas of roofing construction and repair in the Frisco area. And, we work with both residential and commercial customers. There is no job to big or too small for Kennedy Roofing specialists! Take a look the different Frisco, Texas roofing services that we offer.

Roof Replacement and Installation

Kennedy Roofing has installed and replaced hundreds of roofs in Frisco and the surrounding area. We have over 40 years’ worth of roofing experience, and provide replacement and installation services at a very competitive price.

Whether it’s asphalt shingled, metal, slate, tile, or any other type of roof, we can provide high quality installation or repair, for both businesses and private homes in Frisco. If you need a new roof installation or a roof replacement in Frisco, use the experts at Kennedy Roofing of Texas. We work with the best equipment and premium supplies to complete the best roofing jobs in the area.

Roof Repairs

With severe weather like tornadoes, thunder and lightning, and hail, almost every building in Frisco will need repairs at some point in the life of its roof. Our skilled craftsmen can help with every aspect of roof repairs, which includes replacing broken soffits and rotting trim wood, as well as fixing or replacing gutters.

When damage occurs in the middle of the night, call Kennedy Roofing for quick response. Our emergency services mean that we will rush out to your commercial or residential building as soon as possible to provide a detailed estimate. In some cases, it may not be possible to fully fix the roof at that initial visit, so we will secure the roof (to prevent further damage) and return with the proper supplies and finish the job as quickly as we are able to.

Storm Damage

When stormy conditions are present, things like extreme wind and hail can really damage your roof. When that happens, you will want Frisco’s most reputable roofing contractors at your side. Damage may not be immediately visible, but can cause great problems down the line if not addressed quickly. To accurately assess the damage caused by adverse weather, you need a veteran roofing tech like those employed by Kennedy Roofing of Texas.

When you need to make a roofing insurance claim, things can get stressful quickly. When you work with Kennedy Roofing, we will work with your insurance provider on your behalf, making sure you get the repairs you need without cutting corners.

Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement

Commercial roofing has many additional complications that are just not faced in residential roofing. The scale of a project is often much larger, and business needs to be able to continue in the building while the roof is being worked on. Kennedy roofers are experienced in many types of commercial roof repair and replacement, and can do the job quickly with minimal impact on the building’s occupants. Whether you need a full replacement, a coating, re-covering, or simple repairs, call Kennedy Roofing for excellent service at competitive prices.

Frisco business owners are often able to avoid a full roof replacement by re-covering. If the overall structure is sound, and the roof has not already been re-covered once, this alternative can extend the life of a roof and costs much less than a replacement. A coating can also help extend the life of the roof by providing extra leak protection and improving aesthetics. Contact us for more information on commercial roof repair options that can save money and hassle.

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