If you have lived in or around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for a while you know that the local weather is anything but predictable. Storms can and do come up suddenly many times each year. Among the biggest threats to your area roof when these occur is hail and wind damage. Storms that bring these not only can cause cosmetic damage but often times they can compromise the very integrity of your entire roofing structure. When this happens it’s a great time to call us at Kennedy Roofing to come out to your home or place of business to assess the extent of the damage and give you a free estimate as to what it would take to make your roof structurally sound and watertight again.

Our expert and experienced roofing inspectors know exactly what to look for after a big storm has impacted your roof. They can spot potential problem that would normally go unnoticed by an untrained eye. A well-trained Kennedy Roofing expert will also be able to tell you if you have a roofing problem that needs to be taken care of right away or is only cosmetic in nature so you can take your stress level down a few notches.


Many times if you have sustained hail and wind damage it will be covered by your homeowners or business insurance policy. We here at Kennedy Roofing are experts at working with you and your insurance company to help you successfully resolve your claim and get your roof put back together the right way. You certainly don’t want to cut corners when repairing the wind or hail damage your roof has received from a storm.
Being in business over 40 years means we interact with most all of the areas insurance companies on a regular basis. We have earned a reputation of being thorough and fair when it comes to handling our many customers’ storm damage claims. Because of that our claim estimates get approved quickly and we can get to work right away making your roof whole again.


We have been satisfying Dallas/Fort Worth home and business owners with their wind and hail damage repairs for many years now. You will not find many roofing companies that specialize in as many different types of roofs as we do. It does not matter whether you have a shingled roof, metal roof, tile roof or a commercial flat roof. We are experts at assessing and repairing any storm damage that has been done to most any type of roof.
If the damage is extensive and has left your home or business exposed to the elements we will arrive to your home or place of business quickly and take steps to temporarily make your roof watertight again. We consider no residential or commercial roofing repair to be too big or too small and we handle every job with the same high quality of workmanship and high level of customer service. There simply is no better roofing company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area if you have been the unfortunate victim of wind or hail damage.