Irving Roofing

Irving, Texas has over 217,000 residents, as well as over 8,500 businesses. At Kennedy Roofing of Texas, we handle both residential and commercial roofs in the Irving area. Whether you need a new roof installed, an old roof replaced, or any variety of repairs, we have the expertise to accomplish the task. Every customer is given a free inspection which includes a comprehensive estimate. Take a look at the roofing services that we offer for Irving customers.

Roof Replacement and Installation

Our Irving area roofing repair technicians specialize in installing and replacing asphalt shingled roofs, as well as other roof coverings. We can help with installing dimensional (designer, architectural) roofing shingles, as well as metal, slate, tile and other roofs. With 40 years of experience working in the roofing industry, Kennedy Roofing has all the proficiency needed for a high-quality roof replacement or installation.

When you call us for a free estimate, we will provide you with a very detailed quote that involves a description of every phase of your roofing project. Our estimates are very forthright, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. And, after you have agreed to the terms of the estimate, the work will proceed in a timely manner, with no price hikes, ever.

The roofing technicians of Kennedy Roofing can do everything that is required, either for installing your new roof or replacing the old one, including adding durable new sheathing as a base, insulating with the proper underlayment, and finishing up by putting premium roofing products on as your final roof covering.

Roof Repairs

We are extremely proud of our reputation as quality roofers the Irving area. We know that it is due to our dedication to customer service, our transparent and fair pricing, and most of all, our expertise in all types of repair job. Whether your problem is with rotting trim, broken soffits or damaged gutters, the techs at Kennedy Roofing can repair your commercial or residential roof.

Roofs can be damaged at any time of the day or night, so Kennedy Roofing makes sure we are available at any time. We offer emergency repair services, arriving as quickly as possible whenever you need us to assess damage and give you an estimate. If the repair is too sizable to be to be repaired right then, we will secure your roof and then return promptly with the proper supplies to get the job done.

Storm Damage

If you have lived in Irving for any length of time, you’ve probably seen some of the surprising and devastating storms that can pop up. When these storms arrive, the wind and hail they bring can do a lot of damage. Hail, in particular, can be very destructive for roofs; it can puncture shingles, shatter clay tiles, and even damage the sheathing of the roof. Kennedy Roofing of Texas is a good ally to have on your side when storms strike, not just because we offer such excellent damage inspection and repair services. We also have a well-established reputation with many large insurance carriers in the Irving area, so if you need to submit a storm damage insurance claim, we will be an invaluable ally. We will work with your insurance carrier on your behalf, so you won’t have to worry about a thing while your roof is repaired. The next time a destructive storm damages your roof in Irving, call Kennedy Roofing right away; we’ll come out quickly, preventing further damage from leaks, and get your roof repaired as quickly as possible.

Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement

While most commercial roofing systems are designed to last many years, they might still develop problems during their lifespan. When that happens, there are four options to consider: repair, re-cover, full replacement, or coat. Which option is best? It all depends upon the extent of the damage, as well as the budget and future plans of the building owner. Here is a short introduction to the four commercial roofing repair options.

Repairs can be done when damage is minor (no more than 25% of the roof’s area). In order to qualify for simple repairs, the roof membrane should be in a good condition. Also, the roof should have good insulation. As long as those two major features, membrane and insulation, are in good shape, other repairs should be fairly simple and cost-effective.

Re-covering can be a cheaper alternative to replacing a roof.. If the structure is sound, the insulation is in good shape, and if the roof has only one membrane, you can choose to re-cover rather than replace.

Full replacement is sometimes the only real option, if the damage on the roof is too extensive. While it is more expensive than the other options, a full replacement can actually lower energy costs for the building, making it more economical long-term.

Coating a roof improves the appearance of the building and provides extra leak protection. It can extend the life of a roof without much financial impact. Reflective coatings help improve comfort by reflecting sunlight away from the building, which can help lower energy costs, making coating a very economical choice for many commercial building owners.

The four options above each have particular uses, and an expert roofing tech like the ones at Kennedy Roofing can help you figure out what will work best in your case.

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