Lewisville Roofing

Lewisville is not just another suburb of Dallas, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With new residential and commercial buildings going up all the time, Kennedy Roofing offers the expert roof contracting that Lewisville needs. There’s no job too big or too small for us. Below, you will find an outline of the Grand Prairie, Texas roofing services that Kennedy Roofing offers.

Roof Replacement and Installation

Our Lewisville area roofing techs excel do both installation and full replacements of residential and commercial roofs. They are extremely skilled at working with asphalt shingled roofing, but, they are also very familiar with metal roofs, dimensional (architectural & designer) shingles, tile, slate, and other roofing products. We make sure our techs use only the most cutting-edge tools and equipment, as well as the most premier roofing materials, for a finished product that is of the highest caliber.

If you need a new roof or a replacement, Kennedy Roofing of Texas handles all aspects roof replacement and installation in Lewisville, Texas. We will add a sturdy sheathing, proper underlayment, and the final roof covering – all at very competitive pricing. Our estimates are transparent, meaning that they are easy to understand and have no hidden fees or charges; when you sign the quote, the price you see is the price you pay.

Roof Repairs

Our Lewisville roofing repair services cover everything from a few shingles to an entire roof. We also handle such repairs as replacing rotted wood, repairing gutters, and fixing broken soffits. And, because we know that roof damage doesn’t always happen during regular business hours, we offer 24/7 emergency repair service for all of our customers. When a falling tree branch, hail storm, or other incident occurs, do not delay in calling us, because that could allow leaks to cause even more damage to your home. Get an expert Kennedy Roofing tech out to look over the damage, secure the roof, and provide a quick and free estimate for you.

Storm Damage

Because it is part of Tornado Alley, Lewisville roofs are in danger of becoming damaged due to fierce storms. Even if a tornado is not actually seen, wind and hail can badly damage roofs when severe weather occurs. Kennedy Roofing can help with any storm damage repairs that you need, and what’s more, we will work with your insurance company to help with any roofing insurance claims. We are well-respected by most major insurance companies in Lewisville and the surrounding area, so our word is taken seriously when we submit estimates on roof damage and repair costs. Let Kennedy Roofing of Texas help manage your storm damage claim for the most stress-free experience possible in this stressful situation.

Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement

When talking about commercial roof repair, there are four main options: coating, repair, re-covering, and full replacement. Knowing what each one entails is important before allowing a roofing company to begin work.

Coating is a way of extending the life of a commercial roof, with minimal impact on the occupants of the building while work is going on. Coating provides extra protection against leaks, improves the appearance of a roof, and reflective coating can even reduce energy costs for the building!

Repair is often the best choice when damage is minimal (25% or less of the roof) and when the roof insulation and membrane are both in good shape. Repairs can be done with little disturbance to the building occupants.

Re-covering is also an option if the roof is fundamentally sound and has good insulation. A roof can only be re-covered one time before it will need to be replaced.

Full replacement does cause more of a disruption than the other options, but it is required under certain circumstances. If damage covers more than 25% of the roof, a full replacement is often the most economical choice. If the insulation or membrane are damaged, or if the roof has already been re-covered, then a full replacement is likely necessary.

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