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Kennedy Roofing technicians are masters in all areas of roofing construction for the Plano area, including commercial and residential work. Plano’s motto of “Smart People, Smart Places” isn’t just a boast, it’s indicative of the main reasons why Plano has become one of the top places to live and work in recent years. Kennedy Roofing of Texas wants to help keep the buildings of Plano looking as great as the rest of the city. No job is too big or too small for us. Just take a look the all different Plano, Texas roofing services that we can provide for you.

Roof Replacement and Installation

If you have an asphalt shingled roof that needs a replacement, our roofing technicians are the ones for the job. They are unequivocal experts at asphalt shingle replacements and installations in Plano. Not only do they have the specific skills needed to do a fantastic job, but we make sure they also have access to the greatest equipment and materials as well. All this creates a tried-and-true recipe for excellent service.

When you higher Kennedy Roofing for your new roof installation or replacement, we will handle every aspect of the project, from adding durable sheathing, insulating for the underlayment, and then finally installing premium materials for the final covering.

Roof Repairs

Thanks to the severe weather, experienced in the Plano area, every home and business will need some type of roofing repair at one point or another. Our experienced roofing technicians work on both commercial and residential properties. We can handle repairs like: replacing or fixing broken gutters, replacing rotting trim wood, and fixing broken soffits.

Kennedy Roofing of Texas has worked hard, over our 40 years in the industry, to build a good reputation of high-quality roofing work in Plano. We are known for doing all kinds of roofing repairs at a highly competitive and reasonable price.

Storm Damage

Anyone living in Plano surely realizes that severe storms can crop up suddenly. The wind, hail and other natural elements that these storms bring with them can be intense. Needless to say, when these conditions are present, they can quickly wreak havoc on your roof. When storms pop up, you need Plano’s most reputable roofing company to come assess and repair the damage.

It might surprise you to find out that hail, rather than wind, is the most destructive weather that strikes in the Plano area. Hail can shatter clay tile, puncture holes in shingle, and even damage the sheathing underneath your roof covering.

Kennedy Roofing of Texas is an excellent ally to have on your side when making storm damage necessitates a roofing insurance claim. We will manage the details of your claim, working with your insurance provider on your behalf every step of the way. We have a hard-earned reputation with most of the major insurance carriers in the Plano; when we offer our opinion of what it takes to repair a roof, that opinion will be very well-respected among the insurance community.

Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement

Even though most commercial roofing systems are designed to last many years, problems may arise if the roof is installed wrong or has not been properly maintained. If you are looking to fix a commercial roof, there are four basic plans: repair, re-cover, replace, or coat. Each one has its benefits, but each one is also only appropriate in certain situations.

Repair. When roof problems are minor, they often don’t require a full roof replacement. Here are some situations in which a building owner may choose to repair a roof:

  • The membrane is in good shape and has not exceeded its life expectation
  • The roof has good insulation
  • You want to keep costs low

Re-cover. In many cases, if a roof is damaged, it can be re-covered rather than replaced. You could choose to re-cover a roof if:

  • The roof has good insulation, but the membrane has exceeded its life expectancy
  • The roof has not been re-covered in the past
  • You want to minimize the disruption caused by roof repair

Full replacement. A roof isn’t a good candidate for simple repairs or a re-cover if the damage is too extensive, or if the roof has been re-covered once before. Here are some reasons a roof might need to be replaced:

  • The damage exceeds 25% of the roof’s area
  • The roof does not have good insulation
  • You want to lower maintenance costs for the building by creating a more energy-efficient roof

Coating. Many commercial roofs can be coated to extend their life. A good coating can add up to 25 years of service life to a commercial roofing system. Here are some excellent reasons to invest in coating:

  • It provides extra protection from all kinds of leaks
  • Reflective coatings provide energy savings
  • Coating can improve the look of a roof
  • Coatings are less disruptive than a tear-off or replacement, and they cost less-effective

If you’re not sure what kind of roofing repair you need, just give us a call to have one of our expert techs come and take a look at your roof. They will help answer any questions you may have and will give an estimate on any options that are appropriate for your situation.

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