If you are a home or business owner you know there are few things more annoying and bothersome than a leaky roof. Not only are they a nuisance but they can also silently cause extensive damage to your roof structure and other areas of your Dallas/Fort Worth area home or business. That is why leaky roofs are something you don’t want to mess around with and need to be repaired right away. There is no more reliable and fair company to help you fix your Dallas/Fort Worth area roof leak than us at Kennedy Roofing.

For over 40 years now we have been serving customers in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Irving and other metroplex communities by helping stop their leaky roofs from becoming much bigger and more costly problems. Our highly skilled team of roofing specialists are experts at identifying even the hardest to find causes of roof leaks and coming up with affordable and effective solutions to take care of them. We routinely resolve stubborn leak problems on such things as commercial flat roofs and steep pitched residential roofs.


Many roofing companies will simply put a Band-Aid on a leaky area in your roof to quickly resolve a leak problem. While their intentions are good, that is simply not our style here at Kennedy Roofing. We will get to the root of your problem and come up with a leak repair solution that will not only be done quickly but will leave your roof leak free for an extended period of time.

Our experienced roofing technicians know where the most common areas on all types of roofs are that are prone to leaking. That is why we thoroughly check such things as roof flashing, chimneys and vent pipes to make sure they are sealed and watertight. We can also identify such things as structural weaknesses that may be contributing to your leak problems or areas where your roofing underlayment has failed or become deteriorated.


We are experts at fixing leaks in all types of roofing surfaces. Every day we do leak repairs to such residential style roofing as shingled roofs, metal roofs and even shake and tile roofs too. Kennedy roofing also specializes in resolving leak problems in all types of commercial flat roofs. It does not matter whether it is an EPDM membrane flat roof, a built-up flat roof or any other type of flat roofing surface for that matter; we will have no problem finding and resolving your leaky roof situation so you don’t have the worry and expense that goes along with it any more.
There is a reason we are one of the most sought after roofing specialists in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We strive to do all of our leak and other roofing repair work to the most exacting of standards and with the highest level of customer service too. We are never satisfied with any of the roofing work we do for you until you are satisfied with it too. So give Kennedy Roofing a call the next time you need a problem roof leak fixed the right way once and for all.