Roof Replacement

There are few things around your Dallas/Fort Worth area home that take more of a beating than your roof. It gets pounded on by heavy rain at times, is constantly subjected to strong winds and it also gets super-heated from the sun it gets all day long. This means that over time your roof will wear down and need repairs. When those repairs start coming on a regular basis you may want to consider replacing your entire roof. If you do decide to do a total roof replacement there is no better and more experienced roofing company in the Dallas Metroplex than Kennedy Roofing to do the job.

Let’s face it; sometimes we all put off the inevitable to try and save some money and it ends up costing us more in the long run. It’s no different when it comes to a troublesome roof. Often times with a problem roof not only the repair expenses start to quickly add up but so does the stress and worry that come with that too. Replacing your roof can be more affordable than you might think and Kennedy Roofing is here to help.

We offer completely free and detailed estimates and we will even come out to your Dallas, Fort Worth or surrounding area home or business to offer our expert opinion on whether you should keep repairing your roof or its time to replace it.

If you should choose Kennedy Roofing to do your roof replacement you will be getting the work done by a company that will not only do high quality work for you but do it in conjunction with the highest quality of customer service you will find too. With us there is no such thing as a job that is too big or too small and we can easily handle any size residential or commercial reroofing project.


Usually roof replacements are done because a major structural part of your roof is failing and causing roof leaks. These leaks are usually threatening to spread the damage to your home beyond the roof itself and starting to add up to repeated and costly repairs. They are normally caused by such things as a worn out roofing surface, deteriorating underlayment or a major structural support problem.

During most reroofing projects it will usually deal with tearing your roof down to the existing framing structure. At this time a thorough inspection will be done to that structure by us to make sure there are no deteriorated or rotting pieces that need to be replaced. After that a new layer of plywood sheathing is then put down to enclose the roof again and become the support base for your chosen roofing material. Next a waterproofing and insulating new underlayment will be added and then lastly your new chosen roofing material will be expertly installed.

Once this has been done your home or business will look great and you will be worry free from the stress that leaky roofs cause.


Shingled roofs are great and affordable and these are the main reasons why they are so widely popular but when replacing your existing roof you have a variety of other options too. Most of these options will increase the price of your roof replacement but you will get a better looking and longer lasting new roof as a result. The experts at Kennedy Roofing would be happy to go to your Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Fort Worth or any other Metroplex area home and go over the different roofing options you have available to you.

You can stick with traditional shingles or for a small increase in price get great looking and longer lasting dimensional/architectural shingles. These mimic the looks of more expensive types of roofing material such as slate, shake and tile but do so at a fraction of what these other types of roofing materials would cost.

Raised seam metal roofing is also a tremendous option when doing a roof replacement. You will find few roofing options that will last you as long, resist leaks as well and look as aesthetically pleasing as a new metal roof. When you drive into a neighborhood these are the type of roofs that really stand out and we are experts at installing them.
Another reroofing option is unique looking clay and concrete tiles. These have the ability when installed to change the entire look and feel of your home. The same goes for wood shake, slate and composition tiles; they look great once applied and tend to hold up for a long time with a minimum of maintenance.

Keep in mind that if you choose an option other than asphalt shingles for your reroofing project it may very well come with extended warranties and also add significant value and buyer appeal to your Dallas/Fort Worth area home.


Kennedy Roofing’s team of expert roofing technicians are also experts at re-roofing commercial flat roofs. Many business owners are under the impression that repeatedly repairing flat roofs is ok but that is not always the best solution. You don’t want to constantly keep adding weight to the flat roof at your commercial property and many times the leak problem lies deep beneath the surface of the roof and tends to reappear.

A leaky commercial roof causes a lot of aggravation and can leave inventory and other assets exposed to the threat of damage that can be very costly if it happens. That is why many times the best solution is to remove the old layers of a commercial roof and start over with a new, fully waterproof commercial roof surface.


When it is time to replace your residential or commercial roof there is no better roofing company to call than Kennedy Roofing. It does not matter whether you live in Plano, Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth or any other area in or around the DFW Metroplex; our expert and experienced team of roofing professionals can come to your home or place of business and efficiently get that replacement roof installed for you. At the same time you will experienced some of the best customer service you will find anywhere. So call us for a completely free estimate the next time you know its time to think about replacing your existing roof.